Shannon Egan

My name is Shannon Egan and I am an abstract expressionist artist located in Albany, NY. My goal as an artist is to show others how they can better their lives through art visually, mentally, and emotionally. I have a background in psychology, which has grown my interest in art therapy and the idea that art can heal. I strongly believe art can heal and inspire creativity in all of us. I want to inspire others to use art as a therapy and express themselves freely. Art therapy, to me, is a freedom of expression and a way to relieve stress. I have struggled with my own mental health and have used art as a coping method in my life. I use art therapy exercises in most of my work and go off of my own emotions when painting. I love experimenting with new techniques and sharing what I've learned with others.

When I'm not painting, I am working full-time at a disability center where I help those with developmental disabilities get set up with therapy services. I care deeply for this population and am always looking for ways to use what I've learned in this field and implement it into my art. Such as mental health coping strategies and working with others. In my free time, I love venturing around antique stores, watching movies with my fiance, and cuddling with my dog and cat.

I hope you enjoy my artwork and learn a little bit more about what you can do to implement art therapy into your own life.