Therapeutic Art Coaching

A coping mechanism for the creative in you. 

Explore the power of art healing.

I understand the struggle of managing your emotions – I’ve been there. I created my Therapeutic Art Coaching program to help people explore creative coping mechanisms and experience the power of art healing through one-on-one sessions available in multi-week packages suited to your needs.

As your personal Therapeutic Art Coach, I will equip you with tools to reframe your thoughts, guide you through creative exercises,  and coach you to implement them into your daily life.

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Here's How It Works:

  1. Book a consultation

  2. Find the right program for you

  3. Live a happier, healthy life through art healing

Not sure if Therapeutic Art Coaching is right for you? Take this quick assessment to find out!

Therapeutic Art Coach Assessment
  • Do I need my own materials?

    All materials will be provided for you and include a personally curated paint kit and intuitive painting journal.

  • How much does a consultation cost?

    Consultations are free. During our initial meeting we will go over each program to find the one that works best for you!

  • Do I need artistic experience to have a Therapeutic Art Coach?

    Not at all! Having an interest and desire to learn about art healing so you can live a happier, healthy life is all you need to take one of my programs.

Emotional management is not a universal thing – stop imploring unhealthy coping mechanisms and live a mentally healthy life through Therapeutic Art Coaching.

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